Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Nyx that got away

I wasn't involved in this, I would have been had I logged in twenty minutes earlier but I've heard from friends who were there that they nearly caught a Darkness. Nyx in Mai last week.
The system of Mai is a single gate system, formerly a pirate haven it has been cleared out and now has several of my friends as residents or ready to jump clone in. One of the things they target are capital ships that arrive on bad cyno's or can be bumped off station when they undock.
It's not regular killmails but it's lucrative and they've done very well over the last few months.
Last week a Nyx appeared on a cyno at a location in space and whilst it warped off they were able to get a scan of the log off spot where a couple of HICs were positioned. The pilot logged back in and was then tackled and about ten dreadnaughts bought in to kill it.
Unfortunately there was no logistics ships in the attacking fleet and the HICs were killed off, very slowly, the shield HICs dying much faster due to their increased signature radius. Had one logistics ship been available my friends are adamant the Nyx would have died but the loss of the HICs meant it could jump out, which it did.
When it jumped out it was deep in structure (between 20% and 40%), so nearly a Nyx killmail in Mai.
No cigar, but lessons learnt.

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