Monday, 6 January 2014

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Happy New Year to all those reading this (and yes it's actually more than the one person I thought!)
I have and haven't been lazy over the Christmas period.
I have because I haven't published any new posts but I have been writing. Having time off has been excellent because I've been able to read a lot more blogs and the EVE Online forums so I've managed to draft a lot of posts that will be published during January as well as fleshing out a few more Proposed Changes posts that I've wanted to do for a while now.

Christmas Gifts

The Yule Lads advent calendar from CCP was fun and I enjoyed checking each day for new gifts. That Aeon Supercarrier I so wanted was never given to me so I'm still a little sad over that oversight.
One of my alts is still recovering from the use of the Leopard shuttle, it's a blisteringly fast ship that was used to make a ten jump run during the middle of a war declaration. Fortunately no war targets were nearby but still, got to use the Leopard.


I did have a very nice break and hope you all did, Lorna at A Scientists Life in EVE sent me a huge chunk of traffic on New Years Day so I must thank her for that and I even got my first person leaving a comment (*faints*).


Aside from what I wrote over Christmas/New Year I have some ideas for posts over the next 3 months. Drafts are very useful and I shall be making sure there are plenty of posts each week. I'm no Ripard Teg but I do like to write and sometimes what I write does make sense.

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