Monday, 6 January 2014

Cargo Moved

I need POS fuel, 150,000 blocks of the stuff in less than 14 days. So I buy what I need in Jita and look to move it to my high sec staging system.
I could not fit all the materials into my one available (the other one was on a 48 jump round trip elsewhere in New Eden) so I decided to split what I had into 1 billion ISK packages for Red Frog Freight to take.
As I've said before I split up any runs into 1 billion ISK (according to the inventory window) packages and then create contracts for Red Frog Freight. In this case I needed three contracts and after these were setup I went to bed.
I checked this morning, using EVEMon, and all three had been completed with all the materials now in my high sec staging system ready for a freighter run into my destination system to turn into fuel.
Thanks Red Frog!
My cost, 9.5m per contract or 28m total to have over 1 million m3 of materials moved in less than 24 hours. My freighter alt, who would have taken the cargo in two runs, made that in bounties assisting my L4 mission runner as a salvage 'bee' during the day.
Actually he made a little more than that and the salvage I got from the missions actually exceeds that amount so I actually made a good profit.

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