Monday, 13 January 2014

The 1st Sev3rance Alliance Tournament

On Sunday 12th January 2014 the first Sev3rance Alliance Tournament took place in the Y9-MDG system of Northern Providence. With some good prizes, the aim was a bit of fun for all members of the alliance to participate in.
Open to all members (out of alliance alts not permitted) of the Sev3rance alliance who could fit up a T1 sub-capital ship.


Prizes were provided for the top four with some random/door prizes given out during the tournament.
  1. Choice of dreadnaught
  2. Nightmare + Dramiel
  3. Nighthawk, Rohk, pirate faction frigate and a True Sansha Webifier
  4. Lachesis, pirate faction frigate and 100m ISK


KVA CEO Royaldo (a.k.a The Drunken Swede) took out the winners spot with a powerful display (causing his opponent to overheat too long and burn out his guns) to beat fellow corp member DAM1987. Taristie and Melodic Garemoko finished in 3rd and 4th respectively.
A little disappointing was the participation, with 14 alliance members in this first tournament but there was nearly double this number listening and watching from the sidelines so the future bodes well and we hope another will be run in the near future.

It was a great tournament, there was a lot of fun had by all who participated or watched and no doubt there will be a larger player pool next time as well as increased competitors.


A big thank you to Grand Visor of KVA who organised and ran the tournament, he provided a number of prizes too.
Soulblythe took the refereeing duties and rebuffed all attempts at bribery.
And all those in Sev3rance who did participate.

Why I Did Not Participate

Aside from being out of Providence at the time my character in Sev3rance has no gunnery or missile skills so I would be nigh useless in a fight. I could tank people to a stalemate but that isn't enjoyable and against the ethos of a fair fight in my opinion.
Perhaps next tournament I will be able to do something as I do have some gunnery training in the near future. Who knows...

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  1. Hopefully next one we can see a more diverse turnout from the other corps. I heard rumors of people worried about trolling and what not that might happen. But in the contrary as any fit no matter how crazy/retarded looking the fit was, it can work and no one put anyone down for how they chose to fit their ship. I hope the folks in the coms listening in realize it was about having fun and not some corp antics against the alliance. In a few months we will try this again and hopefully see a better turn out as it is all in good fun.