Monday, 6 January 2014

CSM Minutes finally released

Shock, Horror

Well it finally happened, the CSM Minutes have been released, with an excellent summary provided by here.
I found some quiet time the day after to sit down and read them and was a little confused as to why it took so long for them to be released. There is very little actual meat as far as I can see, some funny comments mixed with interesting statements but on the whole there is not a lot there.
I'm actually disappointed and am I the only one who's getting sick of the lack of factual information coming from both the CSM and CCP?


Things are hinted or alluded to but nothing is actually said. I find this more annoying than anything else going on and the number of times "NDA" is almost at my "argh! enough with this" level.
Don't get me wrong, I think this CSM is doing an good job of communication and community interaction but the information coming out is sanitised and, at least to me, practically worthless.
Come on guys, tell us something and stop beating around the bloody bush.

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