Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Quiet January

January has been a quiet month in EVE for me, lots of things have happened around me but personally I've been working on a couple of small projects and doing general tower maintenance.

The Meh Factor

I don't know if it was due to the Christmas break or something else (Bex got me playing Battlefield 4) that has meant I've not been at 100% when playing EVE. I've kept the skill queues full and market orders going but aside from that I've not really done anything worthwhile.
I have a couple of very large purchases coming up, one through another blogger and I need at least one more Jump Freighter in order to keep up with my schedules and logistics needs.

Deep Space Logistics

Speaking of logistics, I've finally got a good setup for moving resources in/out of the locations for my towers. Cyno alts are in place and they all have enough modules and fuel for several months of use. I'm still training and extra two jump freighter pilots (it's always good to have redundancy across accounts).

Null Sec Markets

I've been seeding two null sec markets, one in Providence and one in Curse but this will change shortly. The Providence market is not seeing the returns nor throughput that it used to, I put this down to increased competitors and I know a lot of people are putting ships for Alliance use on contracts all ready to fly.
I've stopped short of doing this and made sure I stick to boosters and modules because there are better returns on these items than fully assembled ships. I could head to a CVA Staging system and sell there but that means additional logistics and a new market to research (at least 2 months research and setup) which I do not want to do now.
So I'll be selling off what I can and what I cannot I'll move to my market in Curse, recent months has seen a steady stream of sales along with requests from people for items to be put on sale. Whilst I don't have a full spectrum of goods those that I sell are making at least 10% profit but most around the 20% - 30% mark.

Future Planning

I'm already looking at February and trying to work out what I'll be doing, I won't be doing much manufacturing as I'm still building up my blueprints and building stockpiles of minerals/materials that I used up late last year.
I'm toying with moving a character into faction warfare in order to get some more experience with PvP but also to tick off that box as something "I've done". The character is well skilled in Minmatar ships and core skills but aside from that does very little.

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