Monday, 4 November 2013

Tower Notifications

Over the past two weeks my Inbox has been filled with notifications of towers running low on fuel. It has been frustrating not just for me but others who run towers to that some people do not seem to run a 'tight ship' and make sure that they are prepared for these situations.
It has gotten so much that there is now a 1 million ISK fine per message penalty should you not manage your towers, this isn't enough to cause pain but enough that its an inconvenience fee for those who have to put up with the messages.
It hasn't helped that there is no in-game way of tracking the towers and who owns them, at least if we knew who's they were we could point fingers or help out (if we knew they were away unexpectedly). Only we don't.
I've been working on a tracking program for my own use but of course this is one piece of information you cannot get from the game. All the towers are deployed for the corporation not per player so as to get the 25% fuel reduction bonus for having sovereignty. So I'm having to ask players about what towers they have and are running so I can add this metadata to my tower management interface.

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