Monday, 11 November 2013

To market I go

It's been an expensive couple of months, excluding the Paladin loss, I've spent the majority of my income on paying back outstanding loans and buying large quantities of input materials and fuel for my towers.
My day-to-day balance went from just over 10 billion to 800 million in a few days, it wasn't a great morale boost seeing that but I did know that I had a couple of billion in materials to sell on hand with about another 5/6 billion available before materials ran out.
Well I was wrong about that, turns out I dropped nearly 9 billion of items for sale in Jita yesterday and I have only few outgoings for the next 4 weeks so I should nicely hit 15 billion before I have to buy inputs/fuel again.
It was once more fun to pass through known ganking systems in Domain and either see no gankers or dozens of CONCORD ships showing that they were there earlier in the day. My time zone is pretty quiet but you never know so I always make sure I never take more than a few hundred million ISK through these systems. I've used Red Frog many times but it's faster with my hauler these days thanks to the Nomad's he has.
I may not be making 'billions a day' as some blogs I read do but I make enough to cover my bills and build a nice excess that I funnel into long term storage or loan to 'a few' trusted people as an investment.
I don't spend a lot of ISK on PvP so that's a nice saving but when I do it's a few hundred million here or there so it really doesn't impact my bottom line. My only serious expense, which will be covered in a future blog post, is the supercarrier that I purchased and have been fitting out for the past four months.
So it's been a good, albeit quiet, weekend. How was your weekend?

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