Thursday, 28 November 2013

The One where I behave like a gibbering star struck idiot

I had a, good, shock the other night when I was in need of some locators run on people I needed to find.
So I entered the Locates R Us channel and requested someone to help me. It took a few minutes and I received a convo request and I was about to click to accept when I finally registered the name.

Zedrik Cayne
OMG... it was him.
The writer of the first EVE blog I started reading, the person who helped get me into EVE via his blog when I was but a newbie. Here was the character who I'd named one of my characters in honour of.
He was convo'ing me to help me.
I had spoken to him once before, I happened to be flying through the system of Amdonen when he popped up in local and I said hello.
I composed myself and asked for the locates I needed and thanked him for his help. I even remembered, a little slowly, that I also needed to pay him for his help and transferred the required ISK. He provided details of the location of the people I was trying to find and I did manage to compose myself and I hope not come across as either a dribbling idiot or star stuck imbecile.
Meeting and getting a chance to speak to Zedrik Cayne, albeit for a locator run, once more made my day.

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