Thursday, 28 November 2013

Channelling my inner Del Boy

I was idling in chat with some friends the other day when a contract was posted that listed two Nightmare's for sale, one faction fitted the other T2 fitted, for 2.05 billion ISK. The contract was listed by someone in a nearby system who was part of an Alliance that, whilst blue, doesn't have a lot of respect from our alliance.
I had a look at the contract and did some checking on the values of the modules/ships and worked out that the contract was about 200 million too expensive and that the contracts might be better value selling the modules and repackaging the ships (they had only T1 Capacitor rigs).

With the Left Hand

One friend indicated that had he the ISK he would have bought the ships and after I'd finished my checking I decided to see if I could get them for a lesser price.
So I convo'd the contract owner and offered 1.85billion, explaining that the T2/faction modules plus the ships did not equal the value he wanted and I'd pay, right now, 1.85billion for his ships.
It took him a couple of minutes but he accepted my proposal and deleted the contract then recreated it with the new price. Two clicks later and I have accepted the contract, and five minutes later have a character in the station.

With the Right Hand

As I'm negotiating the purchase of these Nightmare's I checked my contacts and saw that there was another pilot online whom I recently spoke to who said they were looking for a Nightmare with fittings for sale in the area.
I convo'd the pilot and explained that I had two fit Nightmare's for sale in the area and would he be interested in purchasing one of them. To my surprise he said he'd like both, but only if the price was right.
So I linked him the fits and informed him that both could be had, with fittings, for 2.5billion. Over the next ten minutes we haggled and eventually settled on a price of 2.35billion. I'm not ashamed to say I let him believe he had me over a barrel in order to get a better price.
Five clicks later, contract is up and accepted by the pilot.

There's More

Total elapsed time since I started talking to the original seller and closing the sale to the new owner, 16 minutes (give or take a few seconds, I wasn't exactly timing it). '
16 minutes to turn a 500 million profit, not bad at all.
But it doesn't end there, what made this funnier is the pilot whom I bought the ships from and the pilot I then sold them two were not just in the same alliance... no they were in the same corporation.


The post title is in reference to the character Del Boy from the BBC show Only Fools and Horses. Sorry I you don't know this, but if you don't I suggest you watch one of the best comedies ever from the BBC and then you'll get the reference.

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