Wednesday, 27 November 2013

EVE Down Under 2013

This weekend is the second EVE Down Under gathering in Sydney, Australia and I was all set to go until this past Monday. Unfortunately I'm now not in a position to go and despite protests to my wife and a fair amount of begging I have had to accept the fact I will be unable to go.

I was planning on surprising a Corp mate who is going and I'd already booked all my accommodation and transport. Not happy, Jan.

The First

Last year's event was small and very good and has a good write up of the upcoming event here along with a small interview with the organiser nGR RDNx. I attended last years event and whilst I could only attend on the Saturday it was a full on day of meeting new people and trying not to be self conscious about having my character name and alliance written on my badge.

I met a lot of people (40/50 were expected but over 120 people attended) and really got a lot out of the experience, it certainly was a surprise to see Garmon and watch him on screen in a one-on-one battle. The Skype call with CCP was good too, it was great to see support from CCP (who also sent some prizes) who did a hour's chat and provided some laughs and future game information.

Bigger, Better

This year was going to be bigger, you just knew it from watching the chat in the EVE Down Under in-game channel and what was announced on the event website.

Biggest news (at least I thought) was CCP Fozzie would be attending and rumour has it that the infamous Chribba would also be there. Giveaway prizes are also quite stunning, an Utu was donated by with SOMER Blink also donating large amounts of prizes.

The event is going to be... wait for it, Legendary!

More details can be found here at the official site.

Good luck to all attending this weekend, and to RDNx and the team, it should be a fantastic event.

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