Friday, 1 November 2013


The last week and a bit has been a little frustrating. Several people I know have been disagreeing about things and generally been doing so in a vocal manner. Fortunately nothing hugely major but it's disappointing to see friends arguing and people offering opinion on matters when they don't have all the facts and instead of contributing seem to fan the flames more.
It came to be that one friend made a run for CEO of the Corporation they're both in without explaining things to the other friend and it snowballed from there. Roles are removed, assets in shared hangers 'removed',  many words said and other people, outside of the corporation wade in and try to add their opinions to the mix.
For a few days things were strained to say the least, I spoke to both parties and acted in a very minor diplomatic capacity to try and get them to talk. Turns out I did do a little good because the next day they'd sorted their differences and were at least amicable about things and were no longer in vocal disagreement.
However another friend then waded in with size 50 boots and stomped all over the goodwill at the time and started telling people to (paraphrasing here) pull their heads in and they were wrong and would also be.
Did that really happen, we had peace it was all good...
The result was shared chat channels being left and people no longer talking or if they are it's in a strained way. Friendships made broken and looking unrepairable.
Egos, don't let anyone tell you they don't exist in gaming. They are everywhere and EVE has some of the largest Egos on display.

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