Friday, 22 November 2013

Heavy Hitting

I've had a Revelation for a while, it's been fitted and ready for use but as of yet I've had no chance to use it.
That changed late last week when I logged in and was convo'd by a corp mate immediately.
"Do you have a dread in [system]?"
Luckily I did have my dreadnaught in that system and it was already in space having been there from an aborted op the previous day. Turns out a corp had left the alliance but had left an unfuelled faction tower up on a moon and a Director of our corp/alliance had given the go ahead to kill it.
I login in the character and join fleet, it's me and two other corp mates. One in a revelation and the other in his carrier and his alts in missile fitted battleships. I checked that we could use Siege mode, we could, and I warped to the tower at about 30km.
I dropped out of warp and immediately sieged, it was quite nice to see the animation of this. I'd never seen it before and then I locked up the tower... 30 second lock time :\
That went by and I started firing at about 13% shields gone and the damage I was dealing was between 35,000 and 60,000 per salvo. Wow, this was not going to last long.
I chatted with my corp mates on Teamspeak and watched intel for any reds nearby, we had a couple, one a known hot dropper, two systems over but he didn't move into our area whilst we were active.
Six siege cycles later and the tower exploded, it was a nice explosion and even nicer to get the kill mail. I did about 33% less damage than the other dreadnaught (7.25m vs 5.5m) but I managed to get the last hit in.
We finished off the remaining six guns and docked up. It was a fun 25 minutes or so and I finally got to fly a dreadnaught in combat.
I can ticket that off my "things to do in EVE list".

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