Friday, 22 November 2013


Rubicon is deployed and I've ensured my characters had at least 2 days of skills queued "in case of problems". I didn't anticipate any, and the CCP deployment team(s) made sure that EVE was back up and running on schedule.
I'm optimistic about Rubicon, I've not written a post before on it because I've mainly been reading what others have said and playing on SiSi with what has been released. There are bits I like and bits I don't, overall I think the patch is going to be good and brings new things to the table.


I still think the name is bad, I can't put my finger on it but I really don't like the name and it doesn't fit in with past expansion names.

I'm looking forward to

Marauders rebalance / Bastion module : I'm really looking forward to these changes, they should mean an increase in ISK/hr through being able to complete missions faster. I will miss the loss of the webifiers but the bastion module means I should be able to kill those pesky ships at close range before they get close.
Warp speed changes : this is going to be good, the variable rate of acceleration will bring new tactical options to roaming fleets as well as people who previously wouldn't be able to catch ships that were just a second or two faster to align/warp.
Deployable equipment : the new deployable are going to be interesting. The siphon is good and bad from my perspective, I'll certainly be checking towers several times a day for interlopers and I'm now increasing my defences on all towers.
Implants : the new Ascendancy implants, the first players can make themselves will be expensive and, initially, result in some bling pod kill mails. The extra speed increase will not be for all, my tests in a freighter show Nomads are still the better option.
Sisters of EVE ships : two new ships, a frigate and a cruiser. Bonuses for drones and exploration, I don't do much of the latter and have poor former. Looks like an alt will be training new skills :)

I'm not looking forward to

Warp speed changes : running through space in a blockade runner now is a little more risky, looks like I'll need to invest in Prowler's as the extra high slot could be a good for a probe launcher for systems where I'm boxed in.
Deployable equipment (specifically the siphon) : steal my income, I don't like this but I understand POS structures need something to remove the "free isk" they seemingly generate. Going to be interesting to see how this works in day-to-day gameplay but POS owners need to watch out more for sure.
High Sec POCOs : just not interested. Two tax rates, poor resources (mostly). Sure we'll see battles at them but not that interesting for me.

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