Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Passing 100 million skillpoints

Previously I mentioned that my 'main' was getting close to 100m skillpoints, well that time has passed and my 'main' passed the 100 million skillpoint milestone at 12:50 EVE Time on the 9th December.

1616 days ago my he was born into the fire that is New Eden. He started his adventure in Amdonen and Nishah but has since moved on from these locations and adventure I continues today but all over New Eden. 

In his time he's lived in a wormhole, mined in high sec, moved to low sec and back to high sec, flew a carrier into battle, run missions and performed huge amounts of research and manufacturing.

He's not the best trained character but every SP he's got has been a pleasure for me and he's continuing to expand his skills and recently finished training for the Aeon he bought over year ago. He has the Amarr Titan skill trained to Level 1 but I doubt sit in one before 200m skillpoints roll around.

My 'null sec main' is currently 2.5m skillpoints from 100m and my 'pvp alt' is 14m but it is the guy who finishes first that people remember.


Random Facts

  • Of the the 318 skills he knows he has 101 at level 5 and 95 at Level 4 with only 3 skills yet to be trained. 
  • His skill breakdown shows that the top 3 for points are Spaceship Command (27%), Drones (16%) and Gunnery (10%).
  • He was the character that built my first Carrier and Paladin and was the first to be podded when I made a disastrous investigation of a low sec system aged 25 days
  • For just over 3 years he had trained no guns to Level 5 nor had any of the support skills above Level 3, but the Paladin being built was too much of a draw and in less than four months he had all Large Guns and Support Skills to 5. Yet he hasn't flown the Paladin since December 2013.

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  1. Gratz on the milestone!

    50 million SP was a notable milestone for me. My main is around 65 million now so it'll be another year or two before he hits 100 mil.