Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Change of Plan

The plan was simple, get some BPO's for the new Bowhead and move them to to Jita/Amarr for sale and quick profit just after the patch was released.

Planning had put jump clones in the system where the BPO's would be, a route was planned and additional resources moved there in preparation for the night. Energy drinks were consumed before hand (as the DT would mean a late night in my time zone) and we were ready to go.

Small Issue

Then we logged in and found 34 people in local within minutes of the server being online. This grew to over 50 and attempts to undock found ships surrounding the station and large bubbles covering the undock arena.

Undocking was not an option and even if we'd been able to insta-warp its probable, based on what we saw that we'd be insta-locked and pointed/blapped. This did happen as pilot can confirm:

Loot Fairy certainly was good to the campers.

Bex even tried a little theory crafting on SiSi to see if he could do anything to avoid the camp but nothing came of it and we logged off nearly two hours after the server came online.

At the time I was a little pissed off at CCP and the campers. CCP for seeding the BPO's in a place that was easy to camp and the campers for profiting from CCP's oversight.

However this morning I have woken up and I'm not at all annoyed like I was last night. The game was working fine and hats off to the campers for being in the right place at the right time. I've purchased a BPO from the market (I can afford a slightly inflated price after all) and started a couple of points of research whilst I assemble the rest of the components I need to make one.


I noticed with my skills that it will take a little over 13 hours to create a copy of the blueprint so in a week I should be able to create at least twelve copies. Twelve copies sold at 150m each would return the outlay of my reserach AND BPO cost.

Return on investment in just over 7 days, that's got to be worth it.

Of course I'm dependant on the price of the Bowhead BPC but once I complete my research on it I'll just keep making copies and selling them. Either way, I'll recover my costs just when is unknown.


  1. If you have an insta undock bookmark and an interceptor with <2 s align time, then how are they supposed to catch you without smartbombs?

    Or is the <2 second align time = unlockable due to server ticks a myth?

  2. That would have worked and was the initial plan, but what then? There is a high probability of Smartbombing Battleships on exit gates so the plan was abandoned for a BLOPS option. Had it not been for the bubble on station, it would've been fine. As it turns out, we had to wait 48 hours. Not the end of the world.

  3. Hmm so interceptor to undock and and then jump out with a cyno after getting clear :)
    Well there are ways but obviously you need to be prepared and better bring some friends as well to scout the way or alternatieve routes. Next time.