Sunday, 14 December 2014

Even Scams should be spell checked

This is a couple of days old but I blocked the character so I don't know if its still like this but whilst in Jita the night that Rhea was deployed I saw the following appearing in Local:
Theta requires armor tanked ships! Typhoon Fleet Issue with Missile Rigs for only 410 million ISK! Save 10 million isk off current market value! Show some love to the Minmatar!
Can you see the error?

Seems like a deal but I cannot get past the first word without cringing, Thera is the name of the new wormhole system NOT Theta.

Sure its a simple typo, T is next to the R on a QWERTY keyboard but it just shows a lack of professionalism from a scammer.

They want our ISK but are too lazy to do a basic spell check, scammers today eh. Back in my day it was different ;)

Edit: Thanks to commenter Chinana who pointed out my own spell check failure.


  1. The ones I get a laugh out of are the just plain bad misspells like "porobobly" (saw that yesterday in local) and the one's where they don't have the slightest clue how to spell it correctly, like "ladder roll" for "lateral".

  2. Yeah the scammers this day aren't what they were. But hey, if you talk about spell checking ... "This is ac ouple of days old" I'm pretty sure that it was "a couple of days" back the time I learned english (please correct me if I missed something). At least the letters are right eh? ;-)