Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Getting on the bandwagon

It's that time of year again where everyone who has something to sell is advertising that they have are having some form of "MEGA BONUS UBER ONE TIME ONLY SALE". It can be a little overwhelming or just plain annoying if you see the same adverts over and over again.

Almost a Fire Sale

This year I decided that I would join in but instead of advertising I'd just drop the price of my items as if I was having a fire sale. Not everything I trade was covered but all my T1/T2 modules and ships. Thanks to some unknown person who has cleared up the Metamaterials and Sylramic Fibres market these too were included.

From the 20th December to 2pm (AU TZ) I've been selling over three thousand items in both High Sec and Null Sec at under market price. As of 2pm today this is my trader's wallet:

Normally I try to keep as little ISK as possible in my wallet but in three days I've gone from a little under 1.5b to almost 10.5b ISK, 

Why Do This

Aside from the title, I wanted to clear out my current stock of items in my locations because they were annoying me and I was a little tired of the 0.01 ISK price updates I'd have to do several times a day. By dropping the price to well under market I may have lost some profit but I sold the item and no longer have to keep trying to sell it.

By selling it I now have ISK I can use to invest in the New Year on things that will generate me more profit. Believe me, I've spent the past two weeks looking for new opportunities for 2015.


  1. I've taken the opposite approach. I raised many of my prices slightly recently in anticipation of a christmas buying frenzy.

    Already making a killing on Sisters Launchers though that's mostly due to someone trying to buy them all out and paying way too much. =)

    1. I saw the prices of those were rather good, I've never really focused on the Faction modules. I get them occasionally via friends or my own DED work but I've stuck to the basics in terms of T1/T2 and it hasn't let me down as of yet.

      It was nice to clear almost 4000 modules and over 200 ships from my hanger. I'd spent much of the last week moving a pilot around in a freighter to collect them, I think he may be suffering from Autopilot fever ;)