Monday, 8 December 2014

It's been a long day, perhaps time to retire

My monitoring program has told me that I need to empty a number of silos in my towers because they will be full in less than 22 hours. The 22 hours finishing when I'll be at work and unable to do anything.

I've put it off since I got the notification around 2pm today because I've been having much fun "learning to scan properly" with a character in a WH (lots of signatures mean lots of practice). I also had to move a cyno toon to a station in Outer Ring in prepartion for moving a couple of characters there to try to (oh lol) harvest High Grade Harvest implants via LP missions. The 14 jumps from high sec to the station were eventual, and I finally used what my CEO has been teaching me when moving around unknown systems, and I'll probably do a post on that tomorrow.

Anyway, I've been emptying silos and I think its time to go to bed. I've emptied the same silo FOUR times now, warping to the tower, offlining the silo and then well I was sure I moved the contents to my cargohold but it appears I didn't.

I'm off to bed afer a shit of a day in RL but a positively fun one in-game.

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