Thursday, 18 December 2014

About EVE

I've never really had a look at the About EVE tab of Settings within the game. There are some very unpronounceable names there and its a shame that they don't list what peoples CCP name is against their real name. 

Anyway I was reading down (waiting for the server to come online) and I noticed that about three quarters of the way down is all the people who work in the background that we don't know. Financial staff, HR and such but it was one section that took me by surprise just under the Office IT DBA:

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you and I haven't manipulated the image in any way. 

As it shows CCP employs four chefs and two assistant cooks at their Headquarters to cater for their staff and they get credit in the game.

Rightly so I think, for keeping the Dev's, GM's and other staff fed and watered so they can concentrate on the important tasks. Perhaps a future devblog or community featurette could give us more information on these six phantoms who keep the wheels at CCP rolling. :)

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