Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New Digs

Last night I moved one of my combat pilot alts from my holding corp to a new home where I hope to be involved in a fair bit more pvp than I do now.

I rarely do PvP at the moment not because I don't want to but because when I come online fleets and people are typically finishing or have finished. Not to mention that industrial activities are quite the time sink.

However I've decided to move a little used combat pilot to a new corporation and will aim to spend at least two hours per day improving my woeful skills at pvp.


I was logged in last night and received a conversation request which ended up being the public channel for the corporation I was planning to join. There were a few people there, I said hello and a little banter happened. 

I was redoing my skill queue at the time and that was taking most of my attention as I had a lot I wanted to train but getting the order right so as to be useful and not "the third wheel" was important to me. 

Eventually the CEO of the corp asked when I'd be making an application and I decided to do so just then and there. It was very quickly accepted (within a minute I'd say) and then I was in a new corporation with some pilots who I hold in high regard. 

There was no API check or other security clearance required but I'm pretty sure I received a vouch from the friend who has been urging me to join. The CEO is not a fool and I'm sure he's vetted me before allowing me to join. I'm not interested in corp theft, awoxxing or any underhanded methods, that isn't me or how I play EVE Online.

I'm there to be a line pilot, learn as much as I can and have fun.

Getting Setup

The Corp Bulletins and Message of the Day (MOTD) for the channels I was in were excellent. I quickly found out Teamspeak details, Siggy password (for wormhole navigation) and the corp/alliance fleet-up (for fits and other fleet things).

Took no more than 15 minutes to get access to these systems and within 30 minutes I was racing to a high sec location where there was a wormhole that could be used to get to the home system. 

Teeny Tiny Hiccup

One small issue was I didn't have any doctrine ships available so I grabbed a armour tanked Loki that I have and will form the basis of my ship fleet for wormhole use. I browsed the list of fits in Corporation fittings and was disappointed to see that most I could not fly, so off I went back to Skills and reorganised my queue so as to train for more ships much quicker. 

In 126 days I'll be able to fly all but 2 of the 160 listed ships but in the next 30 days I should be able to fly all frigates and covert ops ships the only exception being Gallente and Minmatar cruisers/battlecruisers which I already have at Level V.

I've already sent a freighter to Jita to collect various ships and modules that I can or will shortly be able to fly and I'll slowly start moving them over the coming week.

The Future

I hope to be fully setup and ready to fight no later than Friday of this week, at least with Minmatar and Artillery/Autocannon based ships. I'm looking forward to getting some more experience with pvp with a different group to whom I've flown with before.

And what I learn here will be able to be used with my other characters.

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