Friday, 21 November 2014

Two Short Posts

Bowhead Update

I had a look at the Bowhead and Johnny Pew released a video of the ship and its current form on SiSi. Its a very ugly looking ship and rather surprisingly it is longer than the Providence, the video doesn't show how much larger it really is.

I think the price of a BPO will be around the 2 billion mark and I've already spoken with a couple of people who are interested in getting one as soon as its released. A plan has been devised to get a few from the stations we know they'll be seeded in.

A thought on Thera

Not enough for a full post but I do like the idea of Thera I just don't think it will be as good as people are saying it will.

A lot of people have said that the new named wormhole system will become a beacon for players and that it will turn into the wormhole version of Jita, that it will revitalise EVE Online and many other things.

I flew around Thera on SiSi and it was interesting (its a frickin' huge system) and Local certainly made me think I was in Jita (it was almost non-stop) but there was nothing that would make me want to live there. 

Sure ice belts, anoms and mining opportunities but it will be a haven for PvP'ers first and foremost. Industrialists and Miners won't have a look in as I imagine there will be at least a few roaming gangs (with bubblers) that will vie for control of any wormholes to the system and pounce on anything that tries to come in or leave.

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  1. I have a couple problems with industrial capital ships at this stage.

    Capships need to have more than T1 materials in them. All basic capship subcomponents should be a hybrid of T1 and T2 materials, making them Tech C. This connects them to more parts of the economy, particularly the competitive parts. The distinction between T1 and T2 caps (jump freighters) isn't really needed, and eliminating it is a step towards eliminating an endgame insurance problem.

    There is also a strong problem with industrial capital ship engagement, but it focuses less on them and more on environments. There need to be more environments in which ships of all sorts are slowboating around, particularly in a way that makes bookmarks an unusable game-avoiding cheat. If they're going to be an occasion for content, there must be a logic which allows for the possibility or necessity of escorts, and enough HP to make that not only a realistic possibility, but also make them the last target for brigands.

    The ganking mechanic is mainly a byproduct and necessity created by having alts flying freighters instead of corporations. This needs to be nerfbatted into a coma.