Friday, 28 November 2014

Scratching the Surface

It wasn't until a few weeks after I started playing EVE Online that I learnt that instead of just being a "space based game" it was a "space based game with a story". 

I've never really read much about the back story and lore that EVE Online is built, I've always intended too but something has always sidetracked me and I've never got around to it. Until last night that is...

A New Star

Whilst reading Reddit I found this thread that had an image that showed that, when in space in the Perrigen Falls region that there was a new star visible. A comparission image was shown showing normal/classic star alongside this one and it certainly does look different.

Image credit to dragonshardz from /r/eve
Interesting I thought and read the comments in the thread and found CCP Falcon had commented:

It's like he's in a Procurer sitting in a belt, looks like bait. I thought no more of it, aside that the star within game looked awesome and it must be part of the continuing lore. A few more pictures were posted showing the star was visible from other regions, but not as bright as if the light hadn't reached them yet... awesome attention to detail CCP.


I checked the thread on Reddit a couple more times yesterday and was amazed at how busy it was with people adding speculation or making comment on how it would integrate with the coming Sleeper story that was progressing within the game.

This morning I've seen another post that the star has gotten brighter since yesterday:

Lets just spare a moment to admire that screenshot from the game. 

Not content with that some players have tried to find out what star this is and quite how they did it is beyond me but they seem to have narrowed it the location down a constellation and then a specific star in Jove space. Speculation around this was fascinating to read and there are some seriously clever players in EVE who know not just EVE but so many other subjects that are useful.

Anyway, enough pontificating the belief is that the star is VYX2-I in Jove space although some believe it is W477-P because it had two jumps recorded in the 24 hours before the star appeared. Regardless it appears that something has happened to a Star in Jova space that suggests a high energy event or some form of supernova!


Jovians have been part of the lore of EVE since the beginning and being a non-playable race there is a lot of rumour and guess work about who they are. It was revealed at some point that there was a disease, called the Jovian Disease, that was killing the Jove and as a result it was suspected that the Jovian race had actually died out and all that left was their technology. This was backed up in books and other Lore by comments about the lack of contact between the Empires and the Jovians in the last 100 years (game time). 

So the Jovians are dead and then I read this on Reddit this morning. Is it coincidence, that the latest update on SiSi seems to have removed all the stargates in Jove Space. 

Image credit to Nu11u5 of r/eve
Interesting development especially as the poster made note that there WERE 101 Stargates in Jove Space and in Rhea we'll be getting 101 new wormhole systems...

What Now

I have no idea but CCP have obviously had a plan and this is all coming to fruition with the release of Rhea next week. I'm certainly in no position to comment or speculate on the Lore aspect of EVE Online but I am going to be reading a lot more so I can understand what is going on.

It appears that I've only scratched the surface of the story of EVE Online and I'm eager to learn more and I've already started reading Templar One to try to understand what is going on but I think I'm going to be rather busy this weekend on the official wiki site reading what there is on the story that I'm a part of.

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