Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Skill Queue Evolves

Evolves is probably not quite accurate, certainly it is changing with the removal of the 24 hour limit on skills that has been in place since (I believe) it was introduced in 2009.

One of the biggest annoyances with skills was the 24 hour limit, having to remember to keep it stocked and running was a major inconvenience not just when you were playing but if you were away on holiday or had an unscheduled break in play.

The 24 hour shackle is being removed. 
Now that its being removed its fantastic news. I shall be able to load up characters skill queues with as many days training as I see fit (to a maximum of 50 skills). Finally my skill queue will be a closer representation to EVEMon Skill Planning than ever before.

Edit: I can indeed confirm that the maximum number of skills you can have in the queue is no limited by duration but the number of items. Fifty to be precise:

I won't go all OCD on them about the space missing before the opening bracket
I can train my alts safe in the knowledge they just need to be updated once and then can remain logged off for almost the entirety of their skill training. Then I can unleash them upon New Eden.


CCP have obviously seen more positives in allowing this than negatives and it certainly is in most peoples Top 3 feature likes for Phoebe.

Maybe bittervets can update their skill queues and then leave, same in the knowledge that they are still training but saving the rest of us who do login from listening to their whining and "oh woe is me" posts on the Forums and elsewhere.

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