Thursday, 6 November 2014

Should you watch the EVE-Propser Market Show?

EVE-Prosper Market Show

There is no dub-step soundtrack nor is it a static view of the market in Jita but instead there is a video where Lockefox, of EVE-Propser, covers market status, tips and tricks as well as providing analysis and comment on EVE in general.

I did not watch the first episode (but I have now, vov for watching out of order) but I did read the associated blog post after it happened but it was only his post last night, where he addressed both the positive and negative feedback on the show he had received that piqued my interest and got me to actually spend the time to watch it.

I'm not a video blog watcher nor do I listen to any EVE pod casts. Why, because I find most to be poorly presented and lacking any real substance, for the want of better description I find them to be train wrecks. Pieces all over the place, screaming and shouting with very little usefulness. The only one I regularly listen to is EVE Down Under on Friday nights (AU TZ).

Well, Is it a Train Wreck

Far from it, the show is well produced, the presenter knows what he's talking about and more importantly he provides useful information. 

It is very watch able thanks to the experience and knowledge that Lockefox has.

What You See

The Show uses a lot of visuals, after all its on and YouTube, but some of the visuals are just a waste. 

I don't like is seeing his EVE Client, watching people talking local or enter/leave system is distracting to the eyes and I focus off the audio. Whatever is being displayed should be related to what is being discussed. If you're discussing whats to come in the episode then please, display a list of what is coming not your EVE client with people discussing fights in local. 

I'd much rather see something related to what is being discussed be it a contents page, list of topics, graphs/charts or even a picture of what you're discussing.

Voice of an erm... Angel?

The somewhat gruff North American accent voice is certainly different to what I was hoping for but his voice isn't the annoying fingernails on a blackboard that some would expect. It's funny as now when I read the blog his voice is in my head reading to me.

He sounds like teachers I've had in school and college, they're reading from a script but he's not afraid to sidestep and go off script to provide more and the voice is authoritative.

Wish It Had This

The one feature, especially for YouTube watching, that I feel is a must, is the contents list. The episode contents are laid out at the start but there is no written list that we can refer to and use to jump to specific parts of the show. Either in the show description or better still as slides when its discussed AND then bookmarks in the video that can navigated to.

This to me is a critical oversight but I also know it is a lot of work to manage. Heres hoping that it will be implemented in later shows.

Should I Watch

The show is very good, the content interesting and Lockefox presents it well. I'm not a fan of (time zone differences don't help) so I always watch via YouTube when it becomes available.

As with any new TV show time must be given for it to settle and develop a rythum, this is no different. Lockefix does a lot of work to produce this show and should be commended for that, years ago I did Shout casts for Battlefield and the shows I helped or presented were far more work than you'd imagine they'd need.

If you do any market activities (buying/selling) then give this Show a look. It may not have a lot for you but you'll be smarter after watching it. I know I was after just one show.


You're never going to please 100% of people so don't even try but you've got a great start and if you enjoy doing it then carry one. You'll pick up new watchers and get constructive feedback from them I'm sure.

Lockefox, please continue producing this show. You're the first, and so far the best, please ignore the haters.


  1. Agreed. I've watched all the episodes too (and he does some prep episodes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings - USTZ - that are interesting).

    I hope he continues.

  2. Thanks a ton for the review! I do appreciate the feedback.

    I'm still working out the balance for the blog/youtube/code-dev. Specifically, I feel like the feeds I'm showing right now aren't as good as some of the ones that should be out in the next week (price flagging, zkillboard report). But I'm working on better organizing my notes, and the weds show prep stream should improve the releases on Friday.

    I will be adding a chapter jumper to the youtube, but it probably will be edited in Friday night rather than gating publishing. Show ends about ~9:30 local time, and doing the audio cleanup and show posting puts me nearly at 11p.