Wednesday, 26 November 2014

ISBoxer Gets Nerfed

I may still post on this as I've spoken to a few friends this morning (not just my Goonian friend) who use ISBoxer and they all have differing thoughts. Only one thinks the change won't affect them, the others believe they'll have to close accounts down and go back to having three or four accounts instead of the ten or twelve they have now.

Instead I'd like to link the following reply on the EVE Online Forums by Trinkets Friend to a question he received about the nerf. He's also followed up, somewhat more detailed, on his own blog.

Go read boht the forum thread and TF's blog, well worth it.

Time to offend some people...
Who'd have thought it, an Australian with an awesome sense of humour. 

Then again he does live in Western Australia which is only slightly better than Tasmania but it could be worse, he could be from South Australia like a certain former friend of mine.

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