Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Pre-Phoebe Junk

Today has been my first day back at work after nearly 3 weeks of holiday time. It's been a great holiday and as with any holiday there is never enough time to do what you want or what you'd like to do. 

Towards the end of last week I had to deal with temperatures in the mid to high 30's (that's over 100F for those in countries who don't do Celsius as of yet) so the return to air conditioned offices is something of a blessing even if it does mean I now have to return to my day job.

Defensive Posturing

I had a serious think yesterday about my towers in null sec and come to the realisation that the defences they have are inadequate. A couple of small or medium guns with some hardeners and EWAR modules isn't enough to provide a deterrent.

So I'm in Jita buying up modules and ammunition for all my towers, I've gotten some good advice from my CEO about what to focus on getting and lessons I've gotten from posts by Trinket's Friend should mean I have a solid defensive setup before Phoebe goes live tomorrow.

If an attacker comes in anything smaller than a capital ship then we should be able to give them a bloody nose, at the very least. If they bring capitals then they'll have a support fleet or numbers that no POS could survive but the smaller entity we should be able to defend against.

I'm going be hard pressed to get it all into null sec and setup by tonight but hopefully I'll be able to set them in time for Phoebe.

Codename "Tug"

Revealed by CCP Fozzie in the EVE Vegas 2014 keynote was a new ship that is currently codenamed "Tug". A freighter sized vessel designed to "ship that is specifically designed to move around other ships" it comes fitted with a very large Ship Maintenance Hanger that will allow it to carry "multiple fitted battleships".

The obvious name for this vessel would be Orca but as that's taken we'll have to see what unpronounceable name it gets but something whale like is where I'd be putting my betting ISK.

Thar She Blows!
Considering fitted Battleships are 450,000m3 in size this means a SMA at least equivalent to a Super carrier (2,000,000m3).

Details are sparse to non-existent but the ship is certainly going to be very useful in high sec for moving ships around. I see dozens of these moving form Incursion to Incursion and they are going to be a massive target for gankers.

Regardless I'll certainly be investing in one.

Sabre Rattling

It's been interesting reading about the all the alliances moving to new homes, returning to old homes or just moving about in order to be in a better position come Phoebe. Of interest to me today was that PL have moved to Curse and are well positioned to attack either the reemergent Russians or HERO with the possibility of ProviBlock as well.

I welcome our new neighbours but they are a major power bloc in themselves so I'm a little concerned by move and how it could impact my home and what I do. Certianly I'll be paying more attention in the Intel channels but also to external news sites for a few weeks to monitor the situation.

With luck they'll ignore us little guys and rattle their sabres towards the Russians and/or HERO.

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