Friday, 25 July 2014

Unexpected Break In Transmission

A loud bang, bright light and a smell of ozone was what greeted me last night when I turned on my PC. 

She not be well.

Attempts to fix have failed due to not having a powerful enough PSU spare to use so I've got to head to Sydney to get a new one and, of course, being a work day I cannot do that today. 

With luck I'll be up and running again tomorrow, even if that's on an old laptop that has seen better days.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer!

    My PC started spontaneously rebooting a couple weeks ago. For the past month or two it had been running very quietly and I was thinking a fan was broken - but I have it running with the side of the case removed, so figured it was getting enough air.

    But when it started rebooting, my first thought was, "Overheating..." Sure enough, I got a room fan from the basement and have it blowing on the open side of the computer and it runs fine now.

    Maybe this weekend I'll see which one of the three fans inside is dead and replace it - but as long as it's running there isn't too much incentive.

    Good luck with the new PSU.