Monday, 21 July 2014

Good Idea or Bad Idea: Corporation Reputation

This idea came about in that ganking affects the individual but what happens when you get a group of people from the same corporation doing it, nothing really outside of what happens to the individual. Surely it makes some sense that the corporation pays a penalty?

I've had a great discussion with a friend about this today and it's been on my mind for a week or so but let me state the following:

What if Player run Corporations had a Reputation that affected how CONCORD/Faction Police acted towards their members? 

For example you had a corporation with 10 people in it, six of these people perform a gank in high sec that resulted in a standing loss of 5% for the corporation. This resulted in the reputation of the corporation, with all high sec factions, dropping to a level that meant ANY member of that corporation in 0.5 and 0.6 space to be attacked.

But what about NPC Corporations

It makes not sense to penalize NPC corporation members for people who gank under their name, they have a lot less control over their corporation than a player run one. What you could do instead is increase (double or triple) the security status penalty they take and perhaps something else that prevents them from being able to move freely within high sec for a period of time (perhaps 24/48 open kill right).

What do you think, Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Edit: It's almost like comedy but the friend I spoke to (and was very much against the idea) evemailed me later to say that not long after we finished speaking he was ganked.whilst travelling through Uedama.


  1. Not sure, has some merits but would be painful for most PVPers even if they weren't hardcore pirates.

    I would love a system where you got Added Sec for killing Negative Sec players and Negative Sec for killing Positive Sec Players.

    Pirate Hunting...

    1. Well you already have the bonus in the form of the bounty but certainly for characters over the -5.0 sec status if killed within Empire justification (low sec & high sec).

      At least that's how I'd envisage it.

  2. It's an interesting idea.

    Does this mean I could join a highsec mining corp, and go on a furious ganking spree and get the entire corp down below -5 sec status?

    1. Another form of corp infiltration and awox, being paid NOT to lower corp sec status could be something

      But Yes and that would signifcantly hurt the ability for the corporation to operate without measures to prevent it.

      Of course like tags-for-sec, you'd have to have a way of repairing the sec status, ratting could do something but I was thinking the way could be via an ISK sink and just paying, the amount goes up significantly based on corp size much like war dec fees.

      I'll be first to admit that there are MORE drawbacks to this idea than benefits but that's why I threw it up as a Good Idea/Bad Idea to get some feedback on whether its worth pitching in Features & Ideas.