Thursday, 17 July 2014

All The Small Things

Every time something new comes from CCP there are the major features and the minor features. Of course the major features get the most press and feedback but the minor stuff really can be just as good but, like the black sheep, it's often ignored.

There's a small change currently on SiSi and it's to do with the Show Info window for Minerals and Ice Products.


Currently if you were to click Show Info on a piece of Tritanium you would see this:

It's broadly the same for Hydrogen Isotopes:

Not overly helpful, contains the barest of details but doesn't include information on where you can find Tritanium (other than the market) or Hydrogen (in "ice in Minmatar space"). 

In short, there is room for improvement.


Checking SiSi (best place to see new changes before they go live) and the same Show Info yields the following:


What a change, it looks much nicer but also has a lot more information that is actually useful for the player. 

I can remember starting off in EVE Online and having to use the ORE Calculators and Mining Guides in order to know what was in each type of ore so I could know what I should mine to get what I was after. This way you know what to search for without having to refer to a third party table.

End of Racial Ice Locations?

One thing of note is could the text for where to find isotopes indicate an end to regional clustering of ice? The text doesn't say "found in Minmatar null sec space", and nor does the text for the other racial isotopes.

It could be generic text, probably it is, but could it indicate a change in ice distribution in the future?

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