Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bon Anniversaire

My main character hasn't been happy this week, I've been so busy with draft posts and planning a new series that I forgot his EVE Online anniversary.

It was July 2010 when my friend gifted me a copy of EVE Online via Steam and I started off in New Eden. So many things I did wrong in those first days, weeks and months but I wouldn't trade them for anything as it made me the player I am today.

Handsome Fella aren't I... if only I could be this good looking in real life
I've seen several expansions, enjoyed all of them if I'm honest, learnt more about the game and how it works than I'll freely admit and enjoyed all my time here. I've visited the EVE Online Forums more times than I can remember and run away every single time by the ego's and trolls that seem to live there.

But the community is a great one and without it I would not have made the friends I have. I've also completed several personal goals along the way and as I'm nearing 100 million skill points I feel it's nearly time to make some more.

So please, raise a glass to my Main Character for reaching the grand old age of four.

A proper pint glass, not a schooner or half measure!

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