Thursday, 17 July 2014

Buying Combat Boosters

It is said timing is everything and that was certainly true on Tuesday night for me.

There I was ratting away in null sec to test out a new Gila fit (which far surpassed my expectations in how well it worked) when I had a conversation request from my friendly Combat Booster Dealer (I wanted to say Drug Dealer but technically they aren't drugs but boosters).

I've mentioned Saucemeister (and his corporation E's and Whizz) once before in my post, near the end, on Combat Boosters. I've used their services before to purchase Combat Boosters as it's a very cut throat and complicated industry to work in.

An Aside

A lot has been said in-game and by external gaming websites about how bad EVE Online players can be. It can be a horrible game to play when you're constantly taunted or pushed around by people who take pleasure in causing grief to others.

What isn't said is there are players who are good and honourable who try to actually forge and build relationships with other players. Saucemeister is one of these to me, he may be a different if faced as a PvP opponent, but in his guise as a seller of Combat Boosters he really excels with Customer Service and building of relationships and through him that's a positive appearance for his corporation as well.

Back To Topic

Saucemeister contacted me as a previous customer to see if I'd was in need of any new boosters as they had recently updated their prices and would have supplies soon available.

Timing is everything and could not have been more perfect as I'd just written a reminder to organised a purchase of Combat Boosters that morning. I only had a couple of the Strong Exile and Drop boosters left that I use. 

Also being in a new null sec home I could take the opportunity to buy a few Improved and Strong boosters for sale on the local market and see if that bought any interest.


I was linked the pricing spreadsheet (which I'll link here later if given permission) and I then worked out what I needed. Pricing was very reasonable, delivery is throughout New Eden but is extra although free delivery is available for large orders.

In the end I decided I'd stock the Improved and Strong variants of Blue Pill, Exile and Drop so I ordered
  • 10 x Improved Blue Pill
  • 10 x Improved Drop Booster
  • 10 x Improved Exile Booster
  • 10 x Strong Blue Pill
  • 10 x Strong Drop Booster
  • 10 x Strong Exile Booster

For a total cost of just under 800m ISK, delivery was included in this price, and all I had to do was setup a Buy Contract for the items and it would be filled in a few days.

The Buy Contract is needed because you cannot create item exchange contracts for Combat Boosters so you need to setup Buy ones which does allow you to specify Combat Boosters part of the deal. 

When accepted they'll get the ISK but you get the added security of knowing that you cannot be scammed because they need to provide the actual goods (Combat Boosters) you've specified in the "Get" section of the contract.

For All Your Booster Needs

This is the type of Customer Service that rarely you see in Real Life and is something of a rarity in EVE Online. The timing was perfect and it may well have been a few weeks before I got around to contacting E's and Whizz.

I cannot recommend E's and Whizz highly enough, if you need Combat Boosters buy them from these guys. They make it pain free with very competitive prices and fast service.

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