Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Change to scanning in Crius?

I was browsing the "unofficial patch notes" at EVE Manufacturing and came across a really interesting on related to scanning that I had heard nothing of until now.

There are a few different scanning modules/rigs that can be fitted to ships including a the following passive mid slot modules:

  • Scan Acquisition Array
  • Scan Pinpointing Array
  • Scan Rangefinding Array

These improve scan time/deviation and strength passively, meaning that you don't have to activate them and can scan in relative safety cloaked.

However in Crius this will be changing and these modules will change from passive to active, meaning that they will no longer function whilst cloaked.

This change has been implemented to
combat the over effectiveness of combat scanning by adding a risk reward element allowing faster scanning by risking uncloaking your ship.
which I can understand and does make sense but it is sure to make a lot of people unhappy, if it does make it into the Crius release (which I've not been able to confirm)

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