Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Towers make tempting targets

I run nearly a dozen towers spread over a few locations, they produce materials I sell in Jita and for internal consumption in projects. Nothing major and the income is nice if sometimes isn't as much as my projections suggest.

A set of the towers lives in a null sec location that whilst reasonably busy in PvP is quiet for most things and thanks to a friend the region is a lot more secure and 'safe' than it used to be.

However there are new neighbours and they have been investigating the regions moons and decided they wanted one I was using. Unfortunately I had setup no defences on the tower as I did not anticipate any issues because of the security now in the region.

What an idiot I was...

A corp mate and another friend were able to inflict significant loses to the attackers, a couple of T1 ships lost for half a dozen or so Stealth Bombers. A nice trade, especially so as the attackers then shipped up and continued to lose ships and then finally gave up.

Amazing what rebalanced T1 ships can do :)

I logged in the next morning and on receiving an update paid an immediate visit to Jita where I loaded up on POS defence modules.

So far so good, no further repeat attacks although we are waiting.

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