Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Long Term Achievement Almost Achieved

Overnight today I finally had Battleship Construction IV complete. Not an especially important skill to most people but it is the culmination of nearly 6 weeks training for me that finally means I can build Paladin's.
This ship was one of two (the other being the Archon) that I wanted to fly since the first time I used EVE Mon and was able to look at the various ships in game. Since mid-August I've been training skills on my industry character in order to be able to build this ship myself, I've had the components needed since that time so I've just been counting down the days until I could put 'it in the oven'.
I've had the BPC (an ME -1, PE -1) for two years, I was given it as reward for taking part in a wormhole eviction when I was living in a WH in 2011.
Well, in two days three hours it will complete and I finally complete a long-held goal.

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