Thursday, 5 September 2013

My (brief) review of Odyssey 1.1

The deployment of Odyssey 1.1 happened on Tuesday 3rd September, seemingly without a single problem. Congratulations to CCP on a successful and trouble free deployment.

I like the majority of the changes but some are disappointing, so I've rated some of the features, that I've had interactions with or have directly impacted me, in the Update along with a short reason why I've rated it as so:

Tech 1 Haulers - 5/10

This really doesn't affect me, I'm Amarrian and their haulers haven't been changed to a degree that impacts me. What has changed is good, the introduction of dedicated bays is useful if appearing to have small capacities. The names will take some getting used to, they are "odd" to see and look funny but I'm sure there is a reason behind each one.

Heavy Assault Cruisers (HACs) - 2/10

Adding a 50% reduction in MWD signature and a little tweaking to bonuses. This is very underwhelming to me and doesn't "sell" using T2 HACs instead of T1 ships to me.

I might as well stick to the T1 ships, much cheaper to buy and fit and in most of cases provide 80% of the firepower that HACs have. Sure the resists and defensive statistics are better on T2 HACs but there is no overwhelming encouragement for me to spend a couple of hundred million on the ship and fittings.

However, the one their own the HAC changes aren't great but combined with the medium long range weapon changes, we might have a different kettle of fish...

Medium long-range weapons - 6/10

I like these changes, I rarely have used beam weapons on cruisers because of ranged damage issues but now the changes mean I no longer have a bow and arrow but a rifle. I'm really looking forward to fitting a Absolution with Medium Beams for some mission running and maybe a Zealot or two for use in 'defence fleets'

Nosferatu changes - 6/10

The changes make Nosferatu's work how a normal person would expect them to but they didn't. Now they do and I finally will have a reason to add them to my ships that are very capacitor hungry as I don't have to worry about their cap vs. my cap issues.

I think I'm going to enjoy flying the Curse in small gangs again.

Command Ships - 8/10

It's good to see the Fleet Command Ship disappear, having Fleet and Field was just confusing. Sure, they were different but they didn't make sense.

Bonuses on the hulls have changed slightly, all for the better I think, increased drone bays. Buffs to lock range, sensor strength and more importantly EHP are all welcome. Coupled with the changes to Gang Links (excl. Mining Foreman) no longer able to activate in side a POS Shield means they really need good EHP as they're now priority targets on grid or in space.

Gang Links - 7/10

Off grid boosting has been too powerful for quite some time, I've seen some fleets too reliant on boosts to the determent of pilots learning how to tackle or have logi rep them at extreme range.

Reduction in power of Warfare Link Specialist skill from 100% per level to 20% per level is good, reduction in bonus for Mindlinks from 50% to 25% again, is a good change for all.

The introduction of Faction Mindlinks is good too, CCP have seen that they need something that provides a bonus to two areas at the same time and they have provided a implant for that. The Republic Fleet Mindlink is going to be rather common place.

Active Repair Module changes - 7/10

Any increase in repair/shield amount was going to be good and the 15% bonus will mean some well tanked ships are going to get better. Overall a good change, I know my L4 mission ship will certainly feel a little more powerful.

Jump Clone changes - 9/10

The two new skills, one of which I think deserves a big thank you to Ripard Teg who championed for it as part of his tenure on the CSM, are just plain awesome. A skill to lower, by one hour per level, the wait after Jump Cloning and another to increase the number of clones we can have.

As Comic Book Guy might put it: "Best. Expansion. Change."

Being able to knock 5 hours off my JC recharge time means I can move between systems a little more freely. Now if I'm needed I can JC but know that I can be back in my original system 19 hours later, before DT and not have to stay up later and anger "the ball n' chain".

Overall - 8/10

Overall my experience of the Expansion, thus far, has been positive and the majority of the changes benefit the player. Congratulations to CCP.

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