Friday, 13 September 2013

"I had a wicked idea..."

I received an EVE Mail on Thursday from a long-time friend and pirate Bex. I've know Bex for a few years and it's always fun receiving messages from him as they usually fall into one of the following categories:
  1. Ideas
  2. People to shoot
  3. Other people to shoot
And this time it was an actual idea (he rarely gets them but when he does they are usually very good) involving putting some of the loot we got from the Raven Navy Issue a while back to good use.
After reading his idea, trying to improve on it (and failing) I must say it is rather wickedly evil, just as I'd expect from him.
I cannot go into details yet but it should provide some nice tears and laughter. We spent an hour or so on SiSi (the test server) last night trying out his idea. It really did work better than we expected and so we'll be giving it a run this weekend, quite a few things have to be put in place logistics-wise but once done it should be good.
I'll post an update next week if all goes to plan and share any tears/video we get.

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