Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Raven (Navy Issue)

One of my alt's keeps a clone in Mai in Domain because I have friends nearby who sometimes get a nice capital kill and I do enjoy whoring on mails under the banner of "helping".
This kill has already been covered, reasonably accurately, by The Mittani Dot Com but I wanted it share a little more information on this as, to date, it is one of the top 10 things that's happened to me in EVE.


Mai is a two station system that is the domain of Cracker101 and Apex Bex. Cracker has a reputation of getting some excellent capital kills in system and his methods, which I won't detail, are extremely efficient.  Bex is an experienced pilot who himself has hunted pilots mercilessly in EVE since just after getting his first combat ship.

The Kill

On this day they were both in Mai idling when a Raven Navy Issue entered system and warped to a location near the only gate. Bex undocked in a prober and, from an off-grid location, probed the RNI down. It didn't take long, experience does count for something, and Cracker and Bex warped to the RNI location which turned out to be a L5 mission site.
Whilst this is happening I have logged in my combat alt and jump cloned to Mai. When I appeared in local I was told by Cracker and Bex to fleet up and warp to them. I hopped in the Proteus and undocked, joining the fleet as I did, warping to Bex I received basic information on target and the situation. I activated the gate and after landing I see Cracker has pointed the RNI about 30km off me.
I move in, lock the RNI and receive a return lock at which point I scram and point the RNI in case Cracker has to leave as he's starting to receive mission rat fire. He didn't in the end as the RNI melted very quickly under the fire of a Vigilant and Proteus backed up by whatever the mission rats had done.


It was not a hard kill nor was it particularly satisfying until the wreck was looted. We each scored a Pith A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability field (each worth in Jita 1.7billion) and the rest of the loot was taken to Jita for sale and the proceeds divided.


It was a very satisfying kill and did cause Bex to be very smug for the next week but then again, all of us were. That's a once in Decade kill, normally Cracker and Bex get poorly fit mission runners but today was different.
Credit for the kill should definitely go to Cracker and Bex, I was a supporting player and was very grateful to have shared the kill and loot.

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