Friday, 6 September 2013

Character Selection Screen

I logged into EVE last night to do my tower management tasks and found that I didn't have to. My corp mate had done the emptying of the output towers in one system and the other system had another 24 hours before I needed to do anything.

This left me with a conundrum... what to do.

I saw a few friends were hunting targets so I logged into TeamSpeak and listened in as they did their stuff, whilst this was going on I did a bit of null sec ratting in a Tornado and made a few million ISK for shooting those red crosses that invade the local asteroids.

Not exactly rocket science but whilst I was doing this I heard my friends bump and point a Revelation so I logged in my alt in the same system and undocked, joined fleet and warped into the fray.

I landed about 40km off the revelation that was already in 25% armour as I approved, at 20km I locked him and switched to Hail and then opened fire. What I wasn't expecting was the revelation to lock me and fire back, that was a little surprising seeing the mass of white laser energy leap out at me and seemingly connect with my ship.

He missed... at least I took no damage and after re-seating myself I made to orbit at 5000m where I started to add some nice dps to the mix.

A couple of minutes later and he explodes. Loot Fairy was not nice at all but still a kill is a kill.

I docked up when my timers ran out and logged out, then back in to the character screen where I spent the next hour and a half whilst my friends tried to find a new victim. I managed to buy and fit a Tempest whilst I was waiting, it should arrive in system in a couple of hours ready for use.

Unfortunately a little miscommunication let one chance go past and another was missed because the character lighting the cyno actually used a good spot over the station so all the capitals entered system within docking range rather than just outside. So no further kills last night.

So another evening spent watching the character screen, at least it beats watching reality TV... :)

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