Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Still at safe distance...

It's been three weeks since I advertised a 250m ISK bounty on Cloaky Bastard.
Still it remains unclaimed.

Reading his blog he's had a close encounter but no-one has come forward to claim the bounty or at least try to claim it.
I believe this is why Prolapse was unable to provide Viking Funerals for the two Archons last weekend and his ire is why I almost lost a Jump Freighter in high sec.
Bob is unhappy at the level of bounty.
So I'm increasing it to 500m ISK (same restrictions apply as in my original post for claiming), for a kill mail AND a corpse of Zosius or one of this Domi alts (read his blog for details of his "fleet").
Bob demands sacrifice. Corpses for the Bob God.


  1. Bob demands sacrifice. Corpses for the Bob God


    Unless I've misunderstood your comment in which case explain and I'll answer again.

  2. I have to disappoint you, my motherboard gave up, so it will be awhile before I will login to EVE :-)