Monday, 17 August 2015


My usual partner in "industrial crime" in EVE is off on holiday somewhere warm for a three weeks so I'm taking a little break myself. I'm still logging in and managing what I have to in my towers and interacting with a few people but until he returns I've decided to see if there is something else to play or do.

Profit and Loss

Things have gone well recently, profits are up somewhat although metamaterial prices are down enough that I'm considering hording until the market is bounced up again (as it appears to be every 5 to 7 months). Carbide armour plates are selling well as are the left over materials I have for producing them.
I've also been producing capital components from my mineral stores for no other reason than I have minerals and I need to use what I have rather than keep buying them. I have a nice low sec system a couple of jumps away where I can make carriers and dreadnoughts should I wish but for now I'm making Orca's and Bowheads for sale.
Five Orcas and three bowheads to be precise went into the oven on Sunday afternoon. All are due in just over 10 days and then I'll move them to wherever I can get the best price for them. I'm considering Hek/Rens based on data my trading alt gathered over the past few days but Amarr is selling very well and quite a bit above Jita price for the Bowhead.
But 10 days is a long time in EVE so we'll have to wait til they're nearly done.
I haven't had any losses, I've spent ISK on new blueprints and researched them as well as buying materials but outgoings are just the regular tower inputs, fuel and taxes.

Hello Sailor

I've been looking around for something else to play and I got into World of Warships, I've only played the US ship line so far but I'm far enough up it that I'm enjoying myself a lot. Even blog-friend Bex is playing and we occasionally Division up and have a romp or fail spectacularly.
He's recently become a convert of the US Destroyer line after playing the IJN ones. I've only played the US ones and the game play I use is one of stealth and cover whereas the torpedo range of the IJN destroyers means you can easily kill stuff unseen. Not so US destroyers where you are lucky to have a torpedo range that doesn't get you spotted.
I'm currently doing reasonably well with the rest of the ships. I've got a Tier VI carrier (Independence), VII destroyer (Mahan), VI battleship (New Mexico, although I unlocked the VII Colorado last night) and the Tier VIII cruiser (New Orleans).
Team play is the only frustrating thing I find with the game. It's extremely rare to find anyone who plays as a team, as a carrier or battleship pilot it really pisses me off to see AA Cruisers rushing off to cap flags or lead attacks as enemy bombers bypass them and come straight for the undefended ships.
Communication in chat is pointless as most players in my area, Asia, either have little knowledge of other languages (I speak English or bad English, but most chat is full of South East Asian languages like Chinese, Korean or Thai) or just don't use chat.
I wish there was more benefits or rewards for team play to encourage supporting your fellow players but alas there isn't at this time.

What's that bright thing in the sky?

Turns out it's the sun and I've also been doing stuff outside. Tidying up the house, garden and generally trying to spend more time with my son (who turned 3 last week). It's been fun and watching him learn to ride a bike, chase chickens and have fun in the garden is great.


  1. Since my vacation last month I haven't logged into EVE but played world of warships as well.
    Tier IV straight across the board except T5 IJN DD with its 10 km torp range and 6 km detectability range. US dd have to use smoke and cover but have the guns to wreck those IJN ships that can't even track a fast ship.
    Still learning how to do decent torp bomber drops with my Hosho.

  2. I've only used US ships and have progressed to VIII in Cruiser and VII in Carrier, Destroyer and Battleships. I've had the most fun with the cruisers and destroyers.

    US DD's are so different, Bex started on IJN and as soon as he tried US he hated it. Then he found out how good the guns are and now he loves using them.

    We play, at times, together on in a DD division. It can be so much fun coordinating with another good player.