Saturday, 1 August 2015

Unkindness, Assemble!

A democratic alliance decision was made, to move out of our C4 (with C4/C2 statics) and find a new home in order to improve our ISK making and PvP opportunities. 

The operation time provide and we knew that we had a target system with faction towers to grind through but this all changed at the last possible moment when a new system, that matched our requirements, was found.

Sometimes Bob is kind to his followers....

Acquiring Target

A new target system, with C2/C3 statics, was found and was not as fortified and to make the change even better the entrance to that system was just three jumps away from the one we were going to use for the original target.

The operational detailed remained the same, a POS was setup for us to use and defenses anchored. The fleet came in through a linked WH from high sec in the alliance TrashCat doctrine (basically Raven's equipped with Cruise Missiles to allow us to hit targets at range, get enough together and they really can apply good dps to a target) with a supporting fleet of logistics and "point defense" ships.

by the time I returned from work the operation had already begun so I made the short trip to the new entry system and joined my brethren in good order. Warped to the assigned anchor and then opened fire on the tower.

Here are a few screenshots (the better ones) I took of the operation (I should say I run the game in a window and on a reasonably low resolution but its playable if not exactly super looking).

An Unkindness
Black Hole (Matthew McConaughey not included)

Pretty Contrails
It took a while, as you might expect, but the time passed with laughter, conversation and general tomfoolery. 

Bex was again reminded NOT to put POS passwords in local and to verify that he bought the right ammo size for his ship (he was not happy to, again, be reminded of the past but it made everyone laugh).

Stront was in the tower and we have to wait 36 hours before we can finish the tower off.

What about the Occupants

During the operation we saw no sign of the tower owners (Russians apparently), no ships appeared in the POS and we were not attacked at all during the POS siege. Not even a mention from anybody on comms that someone had logged in that was on a watch list.

Bex has made mention of his dealings with Russians previously and it was a little sad to hear that they logged in after downtime and started to self-destruct ships. Obviously to deny us any profit but we're not in this for profit, it's going to be our new home, and we've watched a Rorqual, Archon and numerous small ships explode since the tower was reinforced.

No Carrier for you!
When I logged in this afternoon I heard that they had made an evac of some kind and a few smaller ships had made it out via a high sec WH.

Moving In

Over the next few days we'll be moving in fully, more towers will be erected, our Lord Marshall Doctor will get pissed off at POS roles not working as he wanted (but maybe not, he's a lot smarter Lord Marshall Doctor than I). 

We still have to kill the enemy tower on Sunday but that should not take as long as taking the shields down and no doubt more fun will be had.

That's not to say he's not a bit of fun already with the staging POS...

Art in New Eden is so advanced
Juvenile and cheeky but brilliant. Perhaps a whole new career in EVE Online Art for him to consider... :)

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