Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Light blue touch paper and retire to safe distance...

Safe in this case may actually be a different Galaxy or Universe...
I read many EVE Online blogs, not as many as I used to but I've pruned those that I do to a list that has people I like to read. Some are friends, others are more arms length or I'm just too scared to say hello to.
Cloaky Bastard is one of those that I enjoy reading and his stories of kills and how he goes about them show a mind that is very dangerous. I was reading today and he commented on how "life between ganks":
                   Well, it's been pretty slow.
                                              - Cloaky Bastard
Slow eh, let's see if we can liven things up.  Seeing as Zosius is a kindred wormhole dweller I'm sure Bob will smile upon what I'm about to offer...


The new (wormhole) home I'll be moving into this weekend is in need of consecration to Bob. My fellow Alliance members will no doubt be doing their own consecration but I feel I need to get into the spirit of things and a special corpse needs to be placed upon the Altar of Bob.
Between the 4th August 2015 and midnight GMT on the 31st August 2015 whomever can deliver me the frozen corpse, along with the associated kill mail of both ship and pod, between those dates will receive a bounty of 250m ISK from me.
I may even add extra ISK should the kill mail be particularly shiny or awesome :)

Small Print

This is all for fun, to bring some content to such a fine pilot and I'll get a wonderful donation to Bob. Sure he may have a Dominix fleet supporting him but that just provides more targets...
Zosius is of course unable to claim his own bounty in any way, shape or form. I'd really like him to be hunted as he hunts others but a kill is a kill.
What are you waiting for, hunt the man down...


  1. Haha, what a surprise. Well, I will give a tip. I am residing in a c3 wormhole with a high-sec static. Once I'm dead, I'll be sure to link my killers this link to collect the bounty.

    1. Well you seem to do well at avoiding death, who knows you might last the month :P

  2. I live in a C3 with a HiSec static. I'm officially paranoid.