Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Weekend Round Up

It has been a quiet weekend overall, RL was oddly enough too well except the niggling headache I had over my left eye for most of Sunday. But that went away after a mid-day nap and some panadol so I can't really bitch too much about that.


I intended to do some nice wormhole activities this weekend but I received a request from a friend for help on Thursday night in watching a null sec POS. He had eyes for EU/US times but needed help with AU and he thought of me.
He offered me a couple of hundred million ISK but friends in need get my 100% discount rate and I was quite happy to do it as it was passive and would not interfere with my other activities.
The POS was in a null sec system in Wicked Creek, it had been erected by a small corporation of which I could find no details, pilots had losses (all cyno ships) but no kills and all pilots in the corporation were less than 12 months old.

I was told it was an alt corp used to move Supercapital and Titans for sale. I did not see any during my time online being moved but during US time two Avatar's were moved through the POS that was promptly taken down.

I have recorded names and details in Notes and will remember them in the future but it was quiet for me and I was able to help out a friend. Of course the character I had to use for the monitoring meant that I was unable to participate in a blingy Kronos kill that my wormhole brethren got.

Still, I logged in and did things I guess...

Mass Production

Staggered over Sunday I had a total of three Bowheads and seven Orcas come out of the cooker. It's been a pain in the arse moving them all to either trade hubs or systems for sale.

As I can't make any more ships at the moment I've added a load more capital components to the production lines in order to get my mineral stores trimmed back somewhat. At least I finally can start to uses the minerals I've collected over the years and the large stack of blueprint copies I have in my home system.
The sale of these ships will be reinvested back into production materials. I've gotten a lot of T2 blueprint copies that I need to use, they're cluttering up my overviews and they should turn a nice profit once complete.

Tower Shenanigans

I appear to have either miscalculated the fuel needed for my towers or someone is siphoning off my fuel blocks.

I don't know which and the list of people who could be doing this is extremely small in the corp I'm in but I've had two warnings over the past fortnight that towers are low on resources. Since I've managed to get my monitoring application running again I've been able to keep an eye on the fuel situation but I've noticed lower than expected fuel in the towers.

I trust the other people who have access to POS roles so I must have made a mistake but it's bugging me that fuel has run out quicker than I was expecting.


I have been having fun with World of Warships.

So far I've kept to the US Navy only and I'm now Tier VIII in Destroyer and Cruiser with Tier VII in Battleship & Carrier. I've stopped playing the carriers and battleships at the moment, I'm low skilled in both and need to get some XP to unlock the upgraded hull/skills before I can jump back into them.

I used all my "free XP" unlocking the Tier VIII Benson destroyer and it's 8.5km ranged torpedos and as a result I'm having a lot of fun killing ships who expect only a 4.5km or 5.5km torpedo spread.

I had a few awesome games over the weekend in my New Orleans cruiser and I'm 90% of the way towards the Tier 9 Baltimore which I'm looking forward to as it's AA ability is nearly 20% better than what I have now!

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