Wednesday, 16 September 2015

CSMX Summit - Day One

It is the end of summer (for the Northern Hemisphere at least) and that means CSM Summit time. A few "chosen" CSM members get rewarded for their hard work with a trip to Iceland to meet with CCP face-to-face for discussions on the state of EVE and changes that may, or may not, be being worked on by the developers now.
CCP Leeloo has posted to the forums the list of sessions that will be going on and that we should be seeing feedback from (in the form of minutes). From my point of view the list of topics is varied and there are several I will certainly be hoping will contain lots of interesting information on.

First Day

The first day minutes have been released and contain quite a bit of good discussion but is unfortunately bereft of detail regarding some of things I was actually interested in. I could go and add a constructive comment or two but it is the EVE Online forums and I'd rather head up to the Northern Territory and go swimming in a crocodile infested creek, would certainly be a lot less painful and a quicker death than having to read the forums.

3rd Party/CREST

A good discussion it seemed and it was nice to see CCP agreeing to investigate enhancements or the opening up extraction of data from game to via CREST and/or the API.

I was particularly happy to see, in writing, the confirmation that CCP want to remove the IGB. It's been said over the years I've been playing but this is the first time I've seen it written and confirmed by a developer.
As FoxFour said, Fuck Goons :)

Capitals / Supercaptials

I was hoping for more than a picture of a kitten in the discussion on Capitals and Supercaptials, Two ship classes that are nearly worthless to the majority of players since the changes in Aegis to Sov.

Power Projection (WH/Low Sec)

This wasn't as detailed as I hoped but there was some positives from the minutes. New types of K-K or one-way wormholes are interesting in concept and could be useful from a strategic point of view.

No detailed information on Citadels, I was hoping we'd get some more information or background on how CCP sees them working in wormholes but alas.


I know a game needs to make money but I'm sick of hearing about SKINS and seeing new ones released when base gameplay still isn't fully functional or has issues. I don't care what my ship looks like at the moment nor am I interested in Alliance/Corporation specific SKINS.


A nice first day and the CSM members present are on the ball but the lack of details on two of the major discussion points really pulls the grade down.
I look forward to reading the other minutes as they are released... especially the QA one on Wednesday considering the rather major issues we had with the launcher/logging in a couple of weeks ago.

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