Monday, 28 September 2015

Bigger Guns

ISD Rontea has posted to Twitter a lovely image to make all capital pilots squirm with glee:

Long wanted T2 variants of capital weapon systems.
With any luck it means that there will be T2 variants of other capital modules but for the moment these are very welcome. Capital ships haven't had much love over the past 12 months and T2 modules for them has been requested or wanted since before I started playing so it's not a huge surprise.
It's very welcome regardless, no details of statistics for the weapons but already I can see a 500m3 reduction in Volume over T1 variants. Makes sense, T2 would incorporate new changes to materials and compression or something like that.
Still, Bigger Guns are a nice hint that Capitals are getting the rebalance they need. Only a month until EVE Vegas and we find out the whole story.

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