Saturday, 21 March 2015


Serenity vs. Tranquillity took place today, yesterday or even tomorrow, depending on your time zone and it was great to see the best of the Chinese server versus the best of Tranquillity .

Camel Empire were Tranquillity's representatives and apparently have acquitted themselves superbly. I did not see the matches nor have I been able to see the replays (as of yet) but in a best of 5 setup they won 3-1.

The win secures for the players of Tranquillity the Victorieux Luxury Yacht whilst Serenity will never see this ship.

The Matches

JesterTrek on Reddit posted a great summary of the matches (and I will reproduce here but the content is his):
Match 1: Serenity Fleet Typhoon comp v. Tranquility Ishtar comp. Serenity wins 5-3. TQ kills all the tackle, neither of the Fleet Typhoons, which were hull tanked and used Rapid Heavy Missile Launchers.
Serenity takes first blood 1-0.
Match 2: Serenity Cerb/Cynabal comp v. Tranquility Ishtar comp. TQ wins 5-0 in a pretty straight-forward dunk.
Tourney tied 1-1. 
Match 3: Serenity Cerb/Cynabal comp v. Tranquility Confessor/Damnation comp. TQ wins 5-2. Malediction spiked in the first minute, excellent damps from Niart in the Maulus, but then Eshnala/Confessor and Niart got missile-eaten very quickly. TQ pulled it back together and slowly beat Serenity in a war of attrition.
TQ up 2-1. 
Match 4: Serenity Hyperion comp v. Tranquility Astarte/Heretic comp. Man mode activated. TQ wins 5-0. Heretics eat Stiletto and Rifter (the frigs pretty clearly underestimated them). Rail Hyperions tank fairly poorly but is balanced by pretty poor damage application from the TQ team. First Hyp visited the Edge of Glory, baited there by Sturm in the Exeq (nice!), followed slowly by the Caracal and second Hyperion. So the match went on a long while but was never in doubt.
Both TQ and Serenity players were excellent but in this battle TQ have prevailed.

Victorieux Luxury Yacht

The ship that will be released to TQ in the future is something special, designed to avoid interdiction as well as possessing the ability to fit quite a decent tank and, most wonderfully, a covert ops cloaking device.

Released statistics for the ship are available at this post on Reddit but in summary:

  • 50% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration
  • Immune to Interdiction Sphere Launcher, Warp Disruption Field Generator and Mobile Small, Medium and Large Warp Disruptor
  • Can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Device
  • High Power Slots 1
  • Medium Power Slots 1
  • Low Power Slots 4
  • Medium Rig Slots 3


This ship is going to be very good for covert ops or even recon use, and that's just from the role bonuses. Add in the ability add a shield tank via rigs, scram/point in the mid and speed tanking modules this could be a very real threat in fleet situations.

Some theorycrafting I've seen have suggested that this ship could even be fit to have a warp speed of 9/10AU per second and an align time equivilent to a travel interceptor fit (2 seconds).

A new ship is good and I'm going to be looking forward to updated EFT/Pyfa releases when I can have a play with this ship.

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