Monday, 16 March 2015

A Few Small Things

A few updates on how things are going and what I'm doing in EVE Online. These don't warrant a full post themselves but the information may be interesting to those two or three of you that do read this.

The Reddit Effect

I don't get a lot of traffic and I'm fine with that.

I (primarily) write for myself and for a small number of people who seem to like what I do write (I haven't had complaints that I'm aware of). However I posted a link, as a reply to someone, to the Confessor post I recently did on Reddit and I saw first hand what the Reddit Effect is.

I had nearly 6 times more traffic in a 24 hour period than I normally do and, from that, hopefully I gained one or two new readers. 

So if you did come in thanks to that post, Welcome :)

Moving Time

Apparently I was not following some rules. I disagree to the exact details but I'm not going to get into an argument on the internet about it.

I've been told I can no longer use an alternate system (when my primary is too busy) for my jump freighter. As a result I decided to move all my assets from the system in question, including combat ships that were there in case I was able to get in on a capital kill.

It took me two days but I've finally moved all the ships out and I finally got to fly a Bowhead in order to move them the few jumps to their new home. That was fun.

Milestone Passes

I passed a new milestone last week my total worth according to jEVEAssets passed 200 billion ISK. I didn't notice for a couple of days I think because when I did it was 203 billion. 

It's a milestone, now I need to turn the assets that form the bulk of that into ISK so I can invest in new projects.

Super Characters

Today, in bit over 3 hours, marks the time my last character will finish training for the Aeon super capital ship. Due to the increased number of pilots for sale, the price changes and (most of all) the upcoming changes to Sovereignty in Summer 2015, I don't think there is any point in training super-flyable characters for sale.

It's been fun but time to move on and do something else. If the Super Capital market changes in the future (anything is possible) then I may return, I have my guides and notes to remind me what to do but for now this income stream is being shut down.

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