Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Scylla is released

March 24th Scylla was released without any major issues although 12 hours later there appears to be one really obvious defect. Kill an NPC ship and if it doesn't have loot no wreck appears, if it has loot the wreck appears.

Anyway well done CCP on the release and *golf clap* for the really silly NPC wreck bug.

Patch Notes can be found here and feedback here.

I'm not really exicted about Scylla, aside from the nerfing of the SkyNet play-style and Download On Demand there isn't anything that I feel makes this worthy of being a release.

But that's me. Your mileage will vary.


  1. Same here, meh... I'm still waiting for my yachts dammit.

  2. Sure this is a total meh patch.
    If we add up the complete cycle of patches we received since the new schedule was released. Did we get more or less as with two old style expansions?

    It's not a bug, it's a feature! This helps players that don't want to attract attention to their PVE. A month ago I was in low running combat sites and I shot every wreck immediately to prevent wrecks from showing on dscan and drawing undue attention. Ok that's a silly argument for a silly bug....

    1. Every patch up to Scylla has (in my opinion) had at least one feature that everyone would get something out of. Be it a reimaging of an existing feature or a totally new thing.

      Scylla had nothing like this. It was a maintenance release rather than a feature release, and after so many feature ones I felt let down.