Monday, 23 March 2015

PSA: Refuelling your Jump Freighter

I've had to make a few jumps this weekend to move a lot of things to high sec and it is only as I return to my home for the final time that I realised how close I was to being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

This is the fuel bay of my Jump Freighter after I finished my final jump, damn good thing I don't have any more to do right now.

Remember people, refuel your capital ship AFTER every jump and keep those tanks topped up.


  1. I always carry some fuel in my JF :).

  2. You mean to tell me you waste space that could carry profitable materials with fuel...?

    You're mad :)

    I know I should but I had so much stuff to move (nearly 1.7m m3) that I didn't pay attention to my fuel levels. I'm also moving extra fuel to mid-points as a backup backup in case I need it.

  3. I never move in my jump freighter. I move in my freighter and when im at destination I use my jump freighter